St Columba's Church of Scotland -         Midvale Road, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands

           Our next Communion Service will be in the 'New Year' 
in January 2017

Communion, Holy Communion,The Lord's Table and The Lord's Supper are different names for a special act of worship which re-enacts The Last  Supper which Jesus held with the Disciples in Jerusalem on the night of his arrest. 
In the Church of Scotland we use bread and red wine as symbols of Christ's body and blood. They represent the body and blood. The act of Communion is  a sacrament and is one of only two sacramental services in the Church of Scotland. It is always a Minister of Word and Sacrament who presides at these services.
Non alcoholic wine is used at St Columba's. We have four formal Communion services per year. 
Communion is open to all who love the Lord.

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