St Columba's Church of Scotland -         Midvale Road, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
What are those blue envelopes for?
The costs of running and maintaining our Church have to be met by the donations of the congregation and simply put, our costs such as heating, lighting and the wider work of the Church are there every week whether or not the church is full or empty.
As a result we are encouraged to give every week.
In addition, St Columba’s is required to account to the Church of Scotland for how much money is given each year as part of a regular pattern of given – known as Free Will Offering (FWO), and how much is given by being put into the collection plate; which is considered as variable giving.
The envelopes serve several purposes:
  • Some people like the privacy that envelops allow when making a donation into the plate.
  • Some people like to be reminded that even if they are not in Church on a particular Sunday they are encouraged to donate every Sunday. Each set contains 52 envelopes that are dated for each Sunday of the year  (If  Mr Jones give £5 each week and goes on holiday for a week, when he come back he is reminded by the unused envelope that he should put £10 in the next one).
Donations in an envelope are considered to be part of the FWO. More significantly, each set of envelops is individually numbered.  The Treasurer and Deed of Covenant (DOC) administrator (and only they) know who has what number.  Every Sunday when the collection is counted a record is kept  of individual donations using numbers and not names. This allows our DOC administrator to make an annual claim knowing that all that was promised under a DOC has been donated.  
Having said that, it would greatly  help those who have to count and bank the weekly collection if donations could be done by standing order.
For more information on setting up a DOC, FWO or standing orders  please contact Iain Blair- DOC Administrator
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