St Columba's Church of Scotland -         Midvale Road, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
A lump sum donation to St Columba's could be more valuable than you think.
To encourage giving to local charities the Comptroller of Income Tax has agreed that when a single donation of £100 or more (maximum in one year £500,000) is made to a local charity by any individual or company the charity may reclaim the tax applicable to the donation.
This scheme makes a big difference to St Columba's. For Example, if you give £800 this is treated as a gross payment of £1000 less £200 tax (at the current rate of 20p in the £.)   We can claim the tax of £200 so your donation of £800 is worth £1000 to us. 
The scheme is simple and only a few basic conditions must be satisfied:
The donor
  • is resident in Jersey for tax purposes and has been so resident for at least 3 years on the date the payment is made.
  • has paid, or will pay, income tax to the Comptroller of Income Tax at least equivalent to the tax in respect of the gift.
The payment
  • is made in money and is not subject to a condition that any part of it can be repaid
  • is not due under a deed of covenant
  • is not part of an arrangement to benefit the donor, the donor’s family or an individual or company connected with the donor
  • it is not linked to the acquisition of property by the charity except by way of gift
LSD R10070.pdf (PDF — 384 KB)
All you have to do is down load and complete this form (an R10 LSD) and return it with your donation to the Treasurer: Adian Moll  C/O St Columba's Church, Midvale Road, St Helier, JE2 3YR
If you have any further questions about lump sum donations pease do not hesitate to contact Iain Blair
Thank you.
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